The Candlelight Carols

this christmas time


feels so good to get the family together

it's so nice to have my loved ones by my side
this christmas time
grandma larry's in the kitchen cooking
ike and tina on the stereo
there's a fire in the living room
soon somebody knockin' at the door
this christmas time
gather 'round for a sit down dinner
say a blessing and pass the dressing
reminisce about the years before
steal a kiss under the mistletoe
this christmas time
ooooh here comes mary!
ooooh here she comes!
take a drive and look at all of the lights
come back home and a piece of pie
stay up late and play some balderdash
sweet iced tea in my purple glass
i can't wait for you to open your present
i can't wait to see your face
i can't wait to see your face
this christmas time


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