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    In April of 2012, I decided to write and record a little song into my iPhone and post it here on my site every day for at least a year.

    Some of these songs were recorded on my porch or other places outside when we traveled, and some were recorded inside when the weather was cold or snowing. Many were made late at night after I got all my running around done or in the early morning before I got too busy.

    A couple of times friends and family joined in to sing or play along.

    There are some real stinkers on here when I was tired or in a mood, but there are lots that I love.

    I am especially fond of the songs where you can hear birds singing, frogs calling, crickets chirping, wind chimes ringing, waves crashing, bugs buzzing, rain falling, or other such sounds when I recorded outside. I am not crazy about the sound of the heater clicking in the basement but it's there too. I played different instruments, though not very skilled at them, to keep the sounds changing with the feel of each day or night.

    I love this.
    I can't wait to get to it each day and see what will happen.
    It's FUN.


    This site was designed for you to explore, listen, and share.

    The Songs

    On the left are all the songs I've made since April 13, 2012. There are a few ways to go through the songs: scroll through them, click on the months to the right of the song list, use the search box, or do nothin' and let them play.

    To the left of the controls you will see which song is currently playing and the date it was created.

    The Controls

    Each time you go the the site the most recent Song Of The Day will begin playing. The songs will continue to play in order. Click on "Shuffle" to listen to all the songs in a random order. (Click on it again to go back to sequential order.) I like shuffle!

    Play, pause, forward and back are at the top in blue. There is also a progress bar for you to click and drag to different points within a song.


    The search feature helps you find tracks by all or part of a title or a specific date. For example: Boopsy or April 10 or May 15, 2012.

    Custom Playlists

    If you come across some songs you like, you can create a custom playlist to share via email, Facebook or Twitter.

    To create a playlist from your favorites, click the arrow next to each track to add it to the playlist box on the right. To fine tune your selection, drag-and-drop the tracks to change the order, click the "x" to the left of the title to remove a track or go back to the song list and click the arrow to add tracks.

    When your playlist is complete, you can give it a name: Doug? Cuz you dig it? har.

    Click on the "Share" button then choose email, Facebook or Twitter.

    (Facebook and Twitter require accounts. If you are not currently logged in you will see the login screen first.)

    You also have the option to let the player generate a random playlist for you. Click on "Create" then choose a number under track count or amount of time under duration. Click on "Generate" and the songs will appear in playlist box. Give the new playlist a name and share it if you like.


    So you've created your playlist, shared it via Facebook and Twitter, and emailed it to some friends. Now what?

    Your shared custom playlists are listed above the month list. They will be saved on your computer using a web-cookie. The next time you visit you will see the names of playlists you created, shared or were shared with you. Click on the name to view playlist, then click on a song to play. Clicking on "All Songs" will take you back to the full list of songs.

    If you want to remove a playlist from the list, click the "x" to the left of the name.


    Thank you for visiting Song of the Day. You never know what the day will bring.